Champagne Metallic

1.6-L Petrol Engine

Nissan’s legendary propulsion technology just took another major step forward with the Nissan Sentra’s 1.6L 117 HP, dual overhead cam, fuel injected four-cylinder engine. Smooth-revving, powerful and responsive, it squeezes the most from every drop of fuel to help keep you driving without penalizing your commuting or travel budget.

Pure Drive Philosophy

Maximizing vehicle efficiency while remaining fun to drive is the goal of Nissan’s Pure Drive™ technology. Through continual development of aerodynamics and powertrain technology, Nissan strives to reduce emissions and make transportation more environmentally friendly.


Smooth as silk and fun to drive. Unlike traditional automatic transmissions, Nissan Sentra’s CVT transmission eliminates the need for gear-hunting, keeping the engine in the sweet spot for a seamless wave of power.


Nissan Sentra’s Xtronic Continuously Variable Transmission is designed to provide the optimum gear ratio for every driving situation –but without the complexity of a standard gearbox. In short, you get the most power for the least amount of engine revs or fuel.


Think of the Eco Pedal Indicator as a smart driving coach. The dash-mounted indicator gives you instant feedback on how you’re driving to help make you a smarter, more efficient driver.

Exterior Design

Clean sculpted lines, graceful arcs and seductive curves don’t just look great. They provide you with a large cargo box, excellent visibility, low wind noise and world-class collision protection.

Interior Design

With steering wheel touch controls to activate vital functions, generous head and shoulder room and available perforated leather seating surfaces, the Nissan Sentra will transform even a routine trip into a new experience.


Nissan Connect puts it all at your fingertips. Music, news, weather, traffic alerts, route planning, social media. It’s as close as your dashboard, and intuitive programming makes it simple to use.

Price and Specifications